Lone and High-Risk Worker Safety Protection for HVAC Workforce

Management of Workplace Aggression and Violence – ZERO tolerance

Working as an HVAC workforce as an installation technician can be a dangerous occupation. Workers are frequently exposed to dangerous equipment, high voltage systems, working at heights, working in confined spaces, and much more!

Even in one of the safest trades, HVAC technician and installers are not immune to workplace injuries.

Main risks in HVAC Sector

HVAC technicians, installers, and maintenance workers face two main risk profiles:

Social Risk

Being that of work place violence and aggressive behavior; physical or verbal assault

Physical Risk

Slip/trip/fall/person down or incapacity, unconsciousness, accident or incident, or even a medical situation


Implementing the GPS Geo Guard Personal Safety Solution can deliver safety benefits to the HVAC workers, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value to the employer in terms of safety, quicker emergency response, operational and increasing staff moral knowing they have something just in case.

Electrical HVAC safety hazards

Chemical exposure

Inadequate equipment inventory

Respiratory hazards

Ladder liability

Dangerous driving

Unprofessional conduct

Extreme weather

Benefits of using Gps Geo Guard Solution in HVAC sector

Helping customers to:

Give 100% peace of mind to mobile workforce staff and lone or high-risk workers with 24/7 instant Emergency Alarm Monitoring and support, with the GPS Geo Guard discreet personal safety devices

Document verbal abuse with live and recorded audio to stop the “he said, she said” situation and verbal assault; best practice for internal discipline or escalation to Police

Deliver protection against person down, slips/trips/falls, incapacitation, or medical emergency incident

Get instant continuous up to date location information to assist better coordination across mobile teams and reallocation of workforce

Deliver up to date live reporting to key stakeholders on GPS Geo Guard Device and solution usage, for 100% user uptake and better business or organisation’s continuity

Greater visibility and enhanced safety protocols and procedures around the use of the GPS Geo Guard of any mobile workforce

Creating a positive Safety Culture and encouraging your workforce to report incidents, and document them effectively enhancing faster responses and better outcomes.

Every HVAC technician should be aware of these safety tips:

1. Make protection a priority.
2. Assess the situation at hand.
3. Double-check your equipment.
4. Don’t take shortcuts.
5. Exercise caution around chemicals.

GPS Geo Guard is the leading provider to HVAC and improving the safety for the  HVAC workforce Australia wide.

Utilising the GPS Geo Guard Personal Safety Device and incorporating Check-In and Check-Out function, GPS Geo Guard can help mitigate risk in any environment.

Man Down Propriety Technology eliminates false alarms and uses a smart algorithm to measure the actual fall and time in fall before creating an alarm and smart vibration sequence to also help the wearer know that help is on the way. Coupled with the event timer when working in a multi story building or confined space where location or GPS positioning would be not available, GPS Geo Guard can help operators and first responders with the most accurate positioning job profile from a pre-recorded dynamic job risk profile location and activity.

GPS Geo Guard Propriety Event Timer Welfare Check

Can be used to help in internal location

Automatic SOS Escalation and Risk Profile Audio

Pre-recorded user voice message of dynamic Job risk profile location and activity, with escalation to Red Alert.

When are Check-In’s used?

A Check-In message would normally be left as part of a device or app users’ dynamic risk assessment. Examples include:

The start of each working day
When changing location
When entering a new lone working situation / starting a new activity
End of the working day.

The GPS Geo Guard Event Timer Welfare Check solution is an advance warning and pre-timed alarm to the monitoring service that wearer is about to enter a potentially dangerous situation. Provides comprehensive worker protection and peace of mind in low signal areas. manage anticipated risk effectively, with zero interruption gives you the privacy to send a brief voice message describing the situation and/or details of your location.

It’s particularly important for lone workers to regularly leave Check-Ins throughout the day due to the mobile and remote nature of their work – especially if they are using a pooled device or if they operate across a large, indoor or multi-story site. Our 24-hour emergency monitoring and first responder dispatch control room Operators will use both the geolocation data from the lone worker device or mobile phone and the information from recent Check-In messages, to quickly locate the worker and verify the incident.

The other features that enhance a HVAC or maintenance worker on the GPS Geo Guard Device is:

red alert

SOS Red alert manual alarm


Proprietary Machine cut off


Man-down Protection


24/7 Live Monitoring

What is device control in IoT?

In the event of an incident or alarm we can program the GPS Geo Guard device to automatically cut of dangerous machinery.

IoT device management refers to the processes involving the provisioning and authenticating, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and diagnosing connected devices operating as part of an IoT environment to provide and support the whole spectrum of their functional capabilities.


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